North & Navy

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Photos: Chris Schlesak / North & Navy
Exterior of North & Navy restuarant
Window sign painting by Corbin Dowd.

We were excited to be able to help two local boys / restaurant geniuses build the brand for their new place, North & Navy. In our initial meetings, they told us the vibe was “like Grandma won the lottery,” so Grandma Millionaire™ was born, and with it, we established a brand and made up some menus, gold-edged business cards and a fully responsive website. North & Navy is very good. It will be open for a long time. Go eat and be happy.

Bottle of North & Navy branded olive oil, Olio.
Sundays menu
North & Navy fresh pasta.
North & Navy website.
Responsive site for menus and online bookings
North & Navy fresh pasta plated.