Dominion City Brewing Co.

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Photos: Dominion City
Promo image: Front of the Dominion City Brewing Co. brewery.

Coming up on their second year of brewing and on the cusp of a major expansion, our friends at Dominion City needed to update their branding to stand out from the sea of craft breweries popping up at the time. We gave them a new brand identity that combined bright colours with bold illustrations and a dash of retro-Canadiana and built the brand into a new packaging system, and e-commerce website. The updated brand helped them grow to become one of the top brewers in the city and a mainstay on almost every tap in town.

Hand holding a can of Dominion City's most popular beer, the iconic yellow and blue Sunsplit.
Image of the Northern Army designed Dominion City mainstay beers: Two Flags IPA and Town and Country Blonde Ale.
Dominion City online product page.
Seamlessly integrated responsive website and fully-featured e-commerce shop
Dominion City "Beer Here" signage on outside of brewery.
Dominion City mainstay beers stacked in a warehouse.
Known Commodity beer label.
East of the Sun beer label.
River Hymnal beer label.
A can for a stout called Between Two Evils, which features a red label with gold foil snakes.
Line up of Dominion City's Pride-inspired beer, 1971 with an employee holding an LGBTQ+ flag.
Large yellow garage door design for Dominion City's Corner Store. Featuring a goose with the words "Very Good!".
Dominion Day event map.
Dominion Day food and refreshments banner.
Woman wearing a retro-style Dominion City Run Club t-shirt.
Entrance to Dominion City's beer garden.
Orange DCBC branded brown corduroy hat.
Jacket with Dominion City Branding on the back.
DCBC Fighting Geese baseball jacket.