City Seltzer

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Photos: City Seltzer
Woman holding City Seltzer cans in front of her with soap bubbles floating in the foreground

In the summer of 2019, our friends at Dominion City dropped by our office with some beer. They also had some new cans in the box for us to try – two delicious non-alcoholic beverages that would become the beginning of a seltzer revolution. We worked with them to create a new name, packaging and Shopify website that helped them quickly break into major grocery chains, and customers’ hearts.

Hand holding aloft a beautiful case of Orange Cream flavoured City Seltzer.
City Seltzer online shop page
City Seltzer website, and 'Fizz without the shizz' tagline.
Responsive website with a fully-integrated Shopify shop.
Bright green-on-yellow branded City Seltzer van, featuring the patented "All bubbles no troubles" tagline.
Hand pulling a can of Cool Melon seltzer from the cool melon-coloured case.
A full palette of lemon-yellow City Seltzer Citrus cases, ready to roll out the door.
Four six-packs of City Seltzer, featuring Cool Melon, City Citrus, Orange Cream, and Berry Whip.
Green, long sleeved t-shirt with yellow City Seltzer branding.
White hoodie with green City Seltzer branding.
Man riding a City Seltzer branded bicycle cart
Man skateboarding wearing city seltzer hat and a white t-shirt that says "I love this city"