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Photos: Almanac
Promo image: Almanac flour packaging on display.

Almanac started with an old-fashioned idea that aimed to redefine how we think of flour. They wanted a brand that evoked the nostalgia of the days when grain and flour were connected to the land and the community. At the same time, they wanted to modernize the idea of fresh-milled flour, and bring the unique flavours and styles of heritage grains to everyone. We stepped in to develop their visual identity and e-commerce store, helping them scale from local farmers’ markets to launching the brick and mortar Almanac Bakery & Urban Mill.

Black and white photo of Almanac flour bags
Almanac online shop page.
Almanac online product page.
Fully responsive Shopify store site
Almanac branded shirt.
Almanac branded shirt.
Almanac branded shirt.
Almanac branded shirt.
Almanac's outdoor booth at the Real Bread Festival
Rows of Almanac's sourdough loaves
Table with tote bags and jars of sourdough starter
Almanac branded toques.